It is believed that fewer than 190 examples of the L-Type Allard chassis were built with just 19 said to survive, seven of them in the United Sates.


GGG831 is a unique Allard in the true sense just as “The Gov’nor” Sydney Allard always liked them. This car started out life as an L Type but was re bodied and the chassis modified early in life.


Its had a number of owners over the years, the best known of those was Ray May the Secretary of the Allard Owners Club and good friend of Sydney Allard. The Car has hardly change since she was photographed back in 1965 just after the Concours D’elegance.21765527_10154660430431230_8125277267492474124_o

This is one of the original 191 L Type chassis produced, this makes it a very unusual vehicle! As can be seen from the photos very little has changed since 1965, apart from a single silencer, and raised Aero Screen in front of the diver. The car started life as a two seat tourer, but some time around 1952 the car was modified  and re-bodied by “Williams & Pritchard” of Edmonton, London. Well known for prototype builds for clients such as Colin Chapman, Lotus, John Surtees, Lola, and Gordon-Keeble


The car has been in storage since 2001


Despite 17 years of dormancy, fresh fuel and new pump and battery she fired into life after two revolutions! Amazing.

For video of the Allard running – Click here:  Allard GGG831 Video



The car is still fitted with its original specification 21 Bolt Flathead Mercury Pilot motor.



The car is not currently roadworthy as I know the braking system needs an overhaul, However it starts runs and drives for the purpose of loading.


I hold a large dossier of papers for the including its original handbook and service manuals.




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